AtlasMerge Visual Studio Code Extension

AtlasMerge VSCode Extension

(Groovy) scripts and scripting in general play a big role in a lot of Jira environments. It is used as part of customizations (e.g. ScriptRunner for Jira), automation (e.g. Automation for Jira) and also in workflows (e.g. Jira Misc Workflow Extensions). When consolidating instances, identifiers and names of objects may change. Thus, your scripts may not work anymore.

We have developed a solution to this problem, which extracts all of your custom scripts beforehand. You may then use our Visual Studio Code extension, which enables you to mark your identifiers and names with placeholders. These placeholders will make sure that the entities are mapped properly and continue to work after the migration process! We use this approach ourselves for all of our Jira migrations and consolidations. One could say that we have battle-tested this, and it has proven to be a godsend for handling even the most complex of scripts!