Introducing the AtlasMerge Blog

Welcome to our Blog!

We are very excited to introduce our new blog dedicated to the topic of consolidation and merging of the Atlassian toolchain.

What to expect?

Our blog will be our main public communication channel. Although we offer our own product AtlasMerge, most articles will be applicable to any kind of Atlassian consolidation project.

We categorize our blogposts into three categories:

  1. Technical This will be hands on technical know how. It is targeted at Atlassian Admins and Advanced Users

  2. Business Here we will give insights to business-, social-, and management-aspects of consolidation projects.

  3. Partner Our partners are our most valuable asset to deliver a superior product to our customers. We dedicate this section to anounce new partnerships and showcase how we work together successfuly.

What’s next?

We have a whole pipeline of content waiting for you. Stay tuned for our next Articles:

September/October 2019

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The AtlasMerge Team,

Nikola & Florian

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