Jira Day 2022 Retrospective
We’re happy to share our experience of the Jira Day 2022 in Warsaw and the great opportunities it presented for us. As a company focused on providing data migration solutions for Atlassian products, we were excited to attend Jira Day 2022, a premier event for Atlassian users and partners. We had the chance to showcase our expertise by giving two talks on migration approaches for Atlassian Datacenter and Server products. It was a great honor to be selected as a speaker and to share our knowledge with the attendees.
Meet us at Jira Day 2022
We are proud to be a partner of Jira Day 2022 hosted by Deviniti. Jira Day is the largest Atlassian-related conference in Central Europe! After two years of remote meetings Jira Day 2022 will be held in person September 7-8 in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland. Tickets tickets are available on Eventbrite. AtlasMerge will participate at Jira Day with a talk on the first day and a product demo on the second event day.