AtlasMerge Partner Program

Atlassian Partners offer a one stop shop for all Atlassian needs of their customers. We at AtlasMerge enable Partners around the world to offer high quality migration and consolidation experiences to their customers.

Providing high quality migration experiences is not an easy task since existing tooling is very limited.

Partners first!

AtlasMerge was founded by former Atlassian Partners, so we understand partner needs very well. AtlasMerges primary distribution strategy is partner focused. While Atlassian partners focus on long term costumer relationships with their customers, we focus on long term customer relationships with Atlassian Partners.

Type of AtlasMerge Partners

AtlasMerge Reseller

For our subscription license resellers (AtlasMerge Transfer), we offer our partners the usual Atlassian ecosystem discounts.

AtlasMerge Migration Partner

AtlasMerge Migration Partners provide merge and consolidation services to their customers.

Ways of collaboration with AtlasMerge Migration Partners

Depending on the availability of experienced Migration Engineers or strategic focus of our partners we collaborate in different ways.

AtlasMerge licensing

AltasMerge licensing is the best option, if you have a lot of migration projects and experienced migration engineers available. We will train your engineers on how to use AtlasMerge and will provide support during migrations.

We will not interact directly with the customer or their systems.

White label migrations

If you as a partner only have limited migration demand or no experienced migration engineers, we provide a white label service. Migrations will be done under the partners name by experienced AtlasMerge engineers. Partners may be involved in customer communication and decision making, but all technical tasks will be done by AtlasMerge.

Lead referral

Registered AtlasMerge partners may provide leads to AtlasMerge and are entitled to a commission on project commission. The whole project will be executed by AtlasMerge and partner involvement is kept to a minimum.

Become an AtlasMerge Partner

Are you interested? Get in touch with us and become an AtlasMerge partner now!

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