Atlassian Transfer

AtlasMerge Transfer

What is AtlasMerge Transfer?

AtlasMerge not only allows for consolidating multiple instances, but also for transferring and transforming Jira or Confluence to new environments.




When transferring your Jira or Confluence instance, you might not want to transfer everything. For this, our tool provides the possibility to filter certain entities.

For Jira, it is possible to filter projects based on their keys or categories.

For Confluence, we can filter spaces based on ther keys or categories as well!

Use cases

Database migration

Our tool has the power to transfer your data from one supported database to another. The source and target database type do not matter to us, we will handle your data accordingly and make sure nothing gets lost on the way!

We support all databases that are currently supported by Atlassian, which include the following:

Supported Databases
SQL Server
Azure SQL

Instance cloning

Another use case for our transfer service is the ability to clone any Jira or Confluence instance to a separate environment.

This may, for example, be used to manually or automatically refresh the data on a test environment.

We have prepared three example scenarios for this particular use case, which may be of interest to you.

Scenario 1: Create a test environment

This use case describes the need for setting up a test environment for Jira and/or Confluence. After initially setting up the tools on a dedicated server, you can use AtlasMerge to clone your production environments. To achieve this, you would prepare a configuration file with the following example configuration parameters:

Scenario 2: Update an existing test environment periodically

If you have already set up your test environment using AtlasMerge, you can use the very same configuration to periodically update it with new production data. Since AtlasMerge is a command line tool, you can use any Shell Script of your choice to either manually or automatically refresh your test environment’s data. If you enabled the announcement banner feature, AtlasMerge will always show the date and time of its last run, such that users of the test environment always know how old the test data is.

Scenario 3: Provide filtered test environments

Sometimes it may be beneficial to you to not include all Jira projects or all Confluence spaces in a test environment, whatever the reasons for this may be. You can use AtlasMerge’s filter feature to only transfer the Jira projects or Confluence spaces you really need. In addition to that, AtlasMerge also allows for filtering the Jira issue or Confluence page data entirely, and only copy the instance’s configurations.

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